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I learned on Friday that Newspace Center For Photography closed permanently. It was all of a sudden with no warning at all. I am still gutted whenever I think about it. It was a big part of my routine when I went to Portland. Drop my husband off at work. go to Newspace and print for an hour. And now it’s gone. I still can hardly believe it. I had to drive by on Monday to see if it was true, and, alas, there is a big “For Lease” sign in the window. I didn’t have a heart to take a photo of that. It just made me too sad.

Newspace  has played such an big role in my creative development. It was where I learned how to develop film. It was where I was introduced to pinhole photography. I have spent hours in their darkroom. I have used their studio and their high quality scanners. I have felt so much gratitude that I had access to all of this. I have bragged about them to others and taken out of town visitors there to show them around the place. I’ve taken classes there. I enjoyed the amazing artwork that graced the walls.

I am feeling at a loss and so very empty. It feels like a good friend has died. All of this can never be replaced. I think the community can cobble together things like a community darkroom, but to have all of these things in one place was an amazing treasure that I took for granted. And now it’s gone.

Here are some photos I took there over the years. Some are pinhole, some are iPhone snaps.


9 thoughts on “Newspace 

    1. Zeb Andrews talked about a group of people working on a replacement community darkroom since that would be the biggest loss. They have some really great equipment in there. It would suck if it all just got sold away in parts. I’d really love to see it all just get moved to a new location. they had a processor that processed prints in 90 seconds. I’m so going to miss that! I guess they are really hard to find these days and Newspace (I think) was one of the only places in the U.S. that has one. I could be wrong on that fact, but regardless, it was really handy!


  1. That was the only place I knew of in Portland where I could print film. I’ve only used them a few times and it was always pretty empty. I was lucky I thought- had the pick of the enlargers..

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