Post Canyon Trees


Post Canyon

I have a series of large format pinhole photographs that I took last summer up on Mt Hood that I am going to post over the next few weeks. (I am hoping it will inspire me to dust of the Zero 4×5 and get outside with it!)

This was taken up on Mt. Hood near Hood River at a place called Kingsley Reservoir. Last Summer Raf ran his first 50k race, the Post Canyon 50k, and it started here. A month before the race we decided to drive up there to scope out the place. I, of course, brought my pinhole camera!

Geeky Bits:
Camera: Zero 4×5 (25mm configuration)
Film: Illford Delta 100
Exposure Time: 10 minutes

Self At Hug Point


Self at Hug Point

Today’s photoblog image is another paper negative, taken a couple of weeks ago when I visited Hug Point on the Oregon Coast. This is an interesting place. I shot a lot of pinhole there and am hoping I can squeeze a Pinhole Obscura post out of my visit there.

Geeky bits:
Camera: Zero 4×5; 25mm configuration
Paper: Illford glossy something or other
Develop: Illford multigrade

Women and their cameras


women and their cameras (pinhole)

I love this photo. It reminds me of a very fun day with my pinhole crew (we are calling ourselves Pinhole Mayhem). For this particular outing we rented the portrait studio at Newspace and tried our hand at Pinhole studio portraits. It was super fun.

Geeky bits:
This was shot with my Zero 4×5 on the 50mm configuration. I used my Graflex ’23’ 120 back and used Acros 100 film. I think the exposure was a minute and a half.


Step into the light

Fifty-four years lighting up the sky.
A quivering leap smashes a billion worlds.
Entire body looks for nothing.
Living, I plunge into Yellow Springs.

geeky photo bits:
This was taken with my Zero 45 pinhole camera using the 25mm configuration. I used 100.

The poem is Dogen’s death poem. I read it for the first time the other day and I love it. I wrote my own “death poem” that I will share on Monday. (I am not planning on dying anytime soon, it was just a writing exercise).