I went to England

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And now I am back! I have been away from my blog for what feels like a long time. I’ve missed it.

I will spend the next few posts sharing my trip with you. So stay tuned! For now, here is a magnificent tree that lives in a really beautiful, history infused place.


Full Moon Snowshoe


I FINALLY have photos to show you! These are some pinhole photos I took in January up on Mt Hood on a hike around Trillium Lake with some friends. The hike was meant to be a full moon hike but the clouds didn’t clear so we didn’t see the moon. But the sun set about halfway through our hike and it ended up being really fun hiking in the dark. I didn’t shoot any pinhole in the dark, for obvious reasons!


Trillium Lake

A snowy meal

These were both shot with a Reality So Subtle 6×6 and Ektar Film The exposure times for both were around 2 minutes or so.

For developing, I did something different. I sent them off to The Darkroom for developing AND scanning. It was nice to not have to scan these and I didn’t have to do any post processing at all, apart from cropping out the vignette. The only downside is that I got the lowest quality scan and they are not very big files so if I ever want to print them I will have to re-scan them.

OH! And I can’t believe I didn’t blog about this! I was interviewed on a new podcast about pinhole photography: The Lensless podcast, a few weeks ago. You can listen here.

Terrapin Box Turtle in Color


Today’s image is a shot of Oregon City from the top of the Municipal Elevator. This is a favorite spot of mine for photography, and someday perhaps I will post a blog with all of the pinhole photos I’ve taken of this view.

I shot this with a Terrapin Box Turtle (3d printed by The Schlem. You can print one yourself here. Or buy one here). Film used was Ektar 100. I developed this myself using the Cinestill C-41 kit.