The first bridge

In my last photography post I showed you my Holga results from my foray into c-41 developing at home. Here is one from the roll of pinhole from that batch. Speaking of pinhole, happy pinholeday weekend! Sunday is the official day but since I have been traveling to meet up with my pinhole photography friends […]

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I am reaching a stage in my One Pinhole A Day project where I will need to do some scanning to add to the photos! Dear me. Scanning isn’t my favorite thing. I will try to get to that this weekend, though. Here is one from December 12. I was shopping in the grocery store […]

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Still working my way through those One Pinhole A Day photos. Here is December 14. I took this while eating lunch at my regular lunch hangout. I was probably eating my usual: grilled cheese and tomato soup. Here are some random things going on in my head this week: Somehow, over the weekend, I found […]

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A few day before Christmas my Husband and I decided to go to the ZooLights holiday extravaganza at the Oregon Zoo in Portland. We got there about an hour before sunset so we had the advantage of wandering through the zoo to see the animals before the light show. But then the sun went down […]

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A Meal – Pinholed

I did a lot of pinholing of meals, mostly of me eating lunch, when I did my One Pinhole A Day project. Here is a meal with others. I brought my Zero 45 with me to a restaurant in Portland where I had lunch with my coworkers after running the Jingle Bell Run. At one […]

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