A few day before Christmas my Husband and I decided to go to the ZooLights holiday extravaganza at the Oregon Zoo in Portland. We got there about an hour before sunset so we had the advantage of wandering through the zoo to see the animals before the light show.

But then the sun went down and the lights came up! And the show began. I brought my pinhole camera and had the patience to make two exposures. One of them is the featured image for this post, the second I will talk more about below.

Here are a few iPhone snaps.

And here is the second pinhole shot from the evening (below). It’s amazing because for this shot I was inside this enclosure for at least 3 minutes with a few dozen people at any given moment during the shot. It was a busy through way and tight squeeze. I was curious to see how my shot would turn out. I was surprised to see that nobody appears in the picture!!

For both of these shots an Ondu MK2 6×6 and Kodak Portra 160 was used.


A Meal – Pinholed

I did a lot of pinholing of meals, mostly of me eating lunch, when I did my One Pinhole A Day project. Here is a meal with others. I brought my Zero 45 with me to a restaurant in Portland where I had lunch with my coworkers after running the Jingle Bell Run. At one point I had to move the camera to the other side of the table to make room for others. I really like the way this came out! I love that when you begin a pinhole photo you never know what will happen in the moments that tick away during an exposure. The spontaneity is a big part of the fun. And turning people into ghosts. 🙂

Geeky Bits

Camera: Zero 45 (25mm)
Film: Illford Delta 100
Exposure time: 38 minutes, 7 seconds
Stand developed in Adonal for one hour.



Today’s photoblog post revisits my One Pinhole A Day project. I brought my camera to work with me and pinholed the books piling up on the book truck as I weeded them.

You can follow more of this project on my photography website’s blog.


Geeky Bits:

Camera: Terrapin Bijou
Film: Kodak Ektachrome
Exposure time: 15 minutes