Columbia Gorge On Fire

The Columbia Gorge is on fire. It started on Saturday in Eagle Creek by teens throwing firecrackers over a cliff. The state of Oregon is basically a tinderbox right now, with record breaking high temperatures all summer and no rain. So, you see, this was a bad choice. It didn’t take long for the Gorge […]

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Street fair

YesterdayAfter our run we went to Portland for the Hawthorne Street Fair. (Apologies if anyone finds any of these photos offensive. I think they are funny.) There were people selling hilariously irreverent postcards and bags made out of old porn movie film.  I bought some funny postcards! And more serious books. I even shot some […]

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Total eclipse in the park

Well not quite a total eclipse. Here in the Portland Oregon area we were at 99% totality. The library had a viewing party at a local park where we handed out viewers and had some other fun activities. People started lining up to get viewers at 8:00 am, when we arrived to set up. The […]

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Bigfoot festival

Today the Mister and I went on an adventure to the first annual Bigfoot Festival in Troutdale, Oregon. It was my first experience at any kind of festival celebrating the paranormal. The most interesting thing about it were the people. As we waiting in line for the shuttle there were three very friendly women in […]

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