Sunday drive

I’m officially too sick to go running today. But I felt like getting out of the house without expending any energy and being around people. So the Mister & I went for a long drive around Mt Hood. Highway 84 was reopened yesterday and I was curious to drive through the Gorge to see the […]

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Columbia Gorge On Fire

The Columbia Gorge is on fire. It started on Saturday in Eagle Creek by teens throwing firecrackers over a cliff. The state of Oregon is basically a tinderbox right now, with record breaking high temperatures all summer and no rain. So, you see, this was a bad choice. It didn’t take long for the Gorge […]

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Street fair

YesterdayAfter our run we went to Portland for the Hawthorne Street Fair. (Apologies if anyone finds any of these photos offensive. I think they are funny.) There were people selling hilariously irreverent postcards and bags made out of old porn movie film.Ā  I bought some funny postcards! And more serious books. I even shot some […]

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