I started my new job as Science Librarian April 1st and am loving it! I have lots to learn, though. But It’s all good. Since I started this job I joined some associations, SLA (sci-tech), CARL, and ACRL. I will be going to the SLA conference in Nashville in June…I feel I am embarking on a whole new chapter of my life.

Oh, and I got my first paycheck as a Librarian today. Boy, was I kind of dissappointed. Not much a an improvement over what I was getting before. Technically, I am getting paid more, but since I am on salary now and not getting paid hourly I will be getting the same amount bi-weekly. It’s so disappointing because I worked so hard in library school and to open my first paycheck and not have it be more than what my other paychecks have been as a library assistant was very dissappointing indeed. But, being an optimist, I have to look at it postively. Right now I am at the bottom rung of the librarian ladder, so it will improve in time. The good thing is that I love my new job and am very happy. I guess that’s most important.

note from the future (10.20.2011) hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! boy was I ever optimistic.