Light and Dark

Refined and common speech come together in the dark,  clear and murky phrases are distinguished in the light. ……… In the light there is darkness, but don’t take it as darkness; In the dark there is light, but don’t see it as light. From “Harmony Of Difference And Sameness,” a poem by Zen Master Shitou […]

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Polaroid Week, Part 2

I received my Polaroid Originals film on Wednesday of Polaroid week, which was last week (I think?). The weather was utter crap the rest of the week. I mean we are talking flash flood, windy storm, and dark. So I didn’t even bother with any photos with this film since it specifically says on the […]

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Paint attack

Today the library was closed for a staff development day. As a fun activity we did one of those “drink wine and paint” paintings only there was no wine involved. But I kind of wish there was because I dipped my entire arm in my palate of acrylic paint as I was arranging my workspace. […]

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Today was the opening retreat of Term Student. Term Student is a thing that we do in my Zen Buddhism lineage in the Autumn to dig a little deeper into our practice. It begins with an all day meditation retreat and ends, a few months later with another retreat. Part of what we do is […]

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Weekend with mom

As I mentioned, I took a 3 day break from the internet so I could spend time with my mom while she was here. It was awesome! I was ridiculously productive! I cleaned my entire house (this really only happens when I have visitors), I went through boxes my mom brought with her (more on […]

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