#100happydays, week 4

This past week was a pretty good week. Not pictured: on Thursday I got to judge the library’s poetry contest and the teen category was particularly strong. I enjoyed seeing kids I’ve known for 7 years read poetry they’ve written. It’s weird to have worked here long enough to witness kids growing up into teenagers.

The library opened a seed library this past Saturday, which is very exciting.

I was a little freaked out on Friday that we were all going to die in a nuclear holocaust. So glad that fizzled out.

And finally, I had a lot of fun drawing a comic as homework for a drawing class I’m taking. I may have to do more of it! (incidentally, you can keep up with my drawing adventures at gottasketchthatich.com.)

that time when I had short hair

It’s weird the way the mind works.

Grandpa EdI was walking to work this morning and I thought about the last time I saw my Grandpa Ed. I remembered our conversation, how he told me he loved my short hair. He was laying in his bed, frail and wasting away, and I burst into tears. I realized at that moment that this would be the last time I saw him and I couldn’t hold them back. My heart just completely broke apart in that moment. I thought about the look of resignation and sadness on his face when he saw me cry. It was an awkward moment that was also filled with understanding and love. He said a few words, something like, “It’s okay, don’t cry Moni.” And I realized I needed to pull myself together because a person on their death bed should not be consoling a person who is visiting them, saying goodbye. But that is exactly what happened.

As I was walking along, thinking these thoughts this morning, I wondered why this moment popped into my head today. And then I realized it was because of the photo above, shared on Facebook by my mom yesterday in honor of National Sibling Day. The portrait of me and my siblings was taken the week I came home to say goodbye to my grandfather.

I loved seeing it yesterday, it was made for her as a gift for Mothers Day in 1995. But it’s weird how your brain unconsciously plays connect the dots and that somehow it reminded me of this moment with my grandfather.

Week 3 of #100happydays

This week was all about photography! I shot a lot of pinhole and I tried developing color film for the first time! I am really proud of myself for not procrastinating that.

If a tree falls in the forest…

This morning I was so looking forward to finally getting back out on the trail for a run! I have been sick for a week but started feeling better this morning. As I entered the forest  I witnessed a tree falling and landing across the path in front of me, not 50 feet away. It was totally surreal. In all of the years I’ve hiked and lived among tall trees (my whole life, actually) I have never seen a tree actually fall from natural circumstances.

I heard a very loud “pop” like the sound of a gun, and then a kind of creak/thunderclap sound as the tree fell to the ground. And then a loud “thunk” when it landed. It was both frightening and surreal at the same time.  As soon as I realized what was happening I turned around and ran as fast as I could out of the forest and sort of out of harm’s way. There were still a lot of trees in the suburban areas around the houses and I began to realize how easily one could blow over onto a house.

I am feeling kind of lucky today! It was one of those razor sharp moments when you notice everything.

About the photo:

Camera: Terrapin Bijou
Film: Ektar 100
Exposure time: 5 seconds-ish

100 happy days, week 2

Here is another week of happy moments. Click the image for more details. 🙂