Wrecked but so worth it

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I went on a hike yesterday at one of my favorite places. Rancho Del Oso.  It’s about a four mile hike. but two of those miles are uphill. One of those miles goes up a steep grade until you reach the top of a peak that overlooks the ocean and the valley.

This mile getting to the top was sooooo painful for me. I thought I was in better shape but apparently not. It was hot, in the eighties. I should have been wearing shorts and I got overheated. When I reached the top I felta little nauseated.

But really, the walk is worth it. The top of this summit is so zen-like.

it is so quiet and peaceful. There is a mailbox on a tree branch that says “thought mail” and inside there are pads of paper and a pen. The last note that was written was from April 27th, 2004 and it was from some people from Boston who had taken thier infant on her first hike.

The hike, further down below, is equally awesome. The views are outstanding. At one point you look down and can see a farm. It is so idylic.

Walking into the park there is a plaque that reads:

Near this spot, October 20-23, 1769, Don Gaspar De Portola and his land expedition seeing Monterey Bay, camped for three days to rest those sick. Because if thier rapid recovery, Father Cressi (sp) named this valley Canada De La Salud. On December 10. 1774, Father Palou, Returning from the exploration of San Francisco Bay, paused here to offer prayers of thanksgiving for this miracle of restored health. Erected by the California State Society .

And I have to say, when I am there I do feel this sense of renewal. Even before I discovered that this plaque was there I felt it. It is something that I can’t explain.