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  1. Shawn,
    I am so glad to see your comment here. I can assure you that my prayers are with you and your commrades in the field over in Iraq.Please tell me how it is worth it. I need to understand. I have a tendency to look at things through my own eyes and all I see is an illegal and unconstitutional war based on 5 falsehoods…While I believe in and support all of the US troops serving this wonderful Country or ours, I do not believe that our Country is safer by having our troops occupying a country that is not a threat to our security. How can we possibly liberate a country that is already divided and has thousands of years of history of battles and battlescars….The United States should worry more about its own securtity than trying to liberate a people that cannot and will not be liberated. They fought a brutal and deadly war with Iran (another muslim country) for years so they sure as hell won’t accept an American occupation of Christians. This is not a battle worth fighting, too many of your colleagues are being killed or injured in my view, so please tell me how Bush will make this situation better. By the way, what does being a swing florida voter have to do with anything and how does that make you lucky? Did Jeb steal FL for his brother again?


  2. A couple of things about the war and the troops: First, the war cannot be described as unconstitutional since there is nothing in the constitution that says we cannot go to war. In fact, it states the President is commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces. The war being illegal, well that’s what you want to say since there is not actual governing body that can decide that for the US (however, if you Just and Unjust Wars it states that pre-emptive attacks are not moral, but then you have the debate if there was an imminent threat to the US).

    About the troops: while of course everyone would like to be home with families, we understand the mission, and don’t want to go home until it is completed. Even if WMD haven’t been found yet, I still see this as a just war. We came out of WWII saying “history can’t repeat itself” and yet we had Saddam for the longest time killing his own people by the thousands. The torture chambers that have been found, the gigantic presidential palaces near the slums, and the mass-graves tell me we should be in Iraq. The fact that I’ve seen a Holocaust survivor in tears praising the war in Iraq is a good reason for me. Same with opening schools for girls, watching Iraqi’s start businesses, and watching newspapers flourish (unfortunately there’s no “good news” segment on the nightly news).

    As far as being liberated is concerned, they do indeed want to be free. They hated Saddam and cheered his removal. The Iraqis are a very smart and educated people. The terrorists in the country are coming from everywhere, mainly Syria, and do not reflect the attitudes of Iraq as a whole. We have to balance setting them up on their own, and then letting them control themselves because you’re right, they don’t want an occupation, and we want to show them we’re not occupiers, which we’re not. And about injured and killed… if my life is sacrificed to see another 16 million people set free, then that’s the best human sacrifice I can make. I don’t care just about American lives… and that’s the attitude that makes America great. Not to mention spreading democracy is a good security policy. Jeb did not steal the election, just there are a lot of people in Florida and a lot of military that support the President… the ArmyTimes did a survey and found that large numbers support Bush, and even a greater percentage among those that have been deployed… that says a lot. Hopefully I’ve answered some questions for you. =)


  3. Shawn, So by your logic we are going to go and “liberate” (by bombing the crap out of them) all countries that need democracy. That sounds very nice and upstanding but not something we can do without the support of the rest of the world. Even with thier support, I’m not sure going in and starting a pre-emptive war without there being an imminent threat is morally right. In fact, I know it’s not right. There have been many dictators since WWII who have been guilty of “ethnic cleansing”. So apparantly, we (as in the world) have let the what happened then happen again.

    Of course it’s great the the Iraqis are free of Saddam. He was a bad man, no one argues that. But the fact of the matter is, Bush mislead our country into the reasons for going into war. He never said “the reasons we are going into this war is to free the Iraqi people”. No, His rational was that Iraq was an immediate threat to the U.S. It has since come out, in several different ways, that it wasn’t. How many experts have to come out to say that there are no wmd in Iraq? What is with this ‘”yet” business? There is no wmd in Iraq. End of story. As much as you would like to hold on to your hope that there is, so that there can be justification for this mess, there isn’t.

    If he wanted to free the Iraqi people, why not figure out ways to do that that doesn’t destroy a country, doesn’t kill thousands of innocent civilians and doesn’t kill our own soilders? Couldn’t we have figured out a way to allow the Iraqi people to rise up against Saddam themselves? I just think that misleading us into a pre-emptive attack and into a bloody war that we are going to be entangled in for years to come was wrong. Not to mention the fact that Osama Bin Laden, who has said that he is planning another attack on the United States, is still alive and plotting. THAT is our immediate threat. That is where we should be focused. Freeing the Iraqi people is noble. But we need to be focused on the immediate threat to our country. Freeing the Iraqis is a totaly diversion from what actually needs to be done to keep us safe from the terrorists.

    I would like to say that I do appreciate your sevice to our country. I hope you know that I do completely support our troops. I am heartsick that they are dying overthere, and dying for reasons that I, and many others, feel are unjust.

    Thank you for not being rude, as so many people who disagree with me and comment on this site are. I appreciate that.


  4. Shawn,
    I appreciate your comments and even understand where you are coming from; But, the truth is that this war is unconstitutional. The United States Congress never gave permission for the US to launch war on Iraq. The Congress did, however, unlawfully grant permission for the President to launch a first strike invasion on Iraq. Whats the difference? Well, it takes a constitutional amendment for the congress to grant full war power to the President and that never happened, the only constitutional amendment being discussed is/was has to do with making marriage solely between a man and a woman. As near as I can tell this amendment has neither passed through Congress nor does it mention anything about granting the President war privileges. So, I would suggest to you that you actually know what your talking about before you tell me that its “…what I want to say since there is not an actual governing body that can decide that for the US” The fact is, Shawn, thank God that there is a governing body. The US Congress…If not for that in our Constitution we would be a dictatorship. For more on this you can refer the Constitution (Article 1, Section 8, Clause 11).
    As for your logic on why you believe that this war is being fought for a “just cause”; Just when do you think we might find the WMDs? We haven’t found them yet, maybe they just aren’t there anymore. And while I have read a lot of articles about the atrocities that Saddam Hussain committed against his own people, I don’t recall hearing about torture chambers. Perhaps you just made that one up. As far as the presidential palaces that the Reagan and Bush 1 administration helped him build through the US funding of the war against Iran, I would imagine that they are still there and that you are right about that.
    The last paragraph of your diatribe made little or no sense to me except the part where you said that I’m right. You were right on about that, which gives me some hope.
    The 5 falsehoods that led to this war..
    1. WMD’s – not found; destroyed after the Gulf War.
    2. Iraqi ties to 9/11 – The CIA and FBI are on record that there was no tie between Sadaam and Al Qaeda. They hated each other…Al Qaeda is fundamentalist and Saddam was secular.
    3. Saddam Hussein was not a threat to the USA.
    4. Saddam Hussein was not a threat to his neighbors, they were all superior to him with regard to their military forces, and getting stronger while the US is caught in this quagmire.
    5. We are there to “liberate” the Iraqi people. There are many brutal dictators in the world whose people need liberation from their leaders. The occupation of Iraq has become a magnet for terrorists and anarchy.


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