I found the Legend app on my phone. 😀 Quote comes from my husband, Rafael.   Advertisements

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“In practice, we should repent rather than have remorse. To repent is not to feel remorse, but to feel one’s faults, realizing they are faults, and try one’s best not to make the same mistake again.” – From “How To Be Faultless” by Master Sheng Yen. Tricycle Magazine, Winter 2016 Really? Is it really that […]

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September 2017 Postcard Swap

There is a new postcard swap up for September! You may sign up at Elfster by clicking here. Please invite your friends! We are exchanging postcard sized prints of our original photography that you either print traditionally in a darkroom, or that you print on an inkjet printer. Film and Digital photography both welcome! Last […]

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What is identity*

This week, WordPress’s Daily Post blog asks us to consider Identity. I find this subject fascinating and I think about it quite often. The idea of “Self” comes up a lot as I delve deeper into the study of Buddhism. I am coming to the conclusion that identity is something that is not real. Identity […]

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August postcard swap

I have a new postcard swap up on Elfster ready for you to sign up! You can do so by following this link. Tell your friends! The more the merrier! And it’s pretty low key. Just send out one postcard a month, and receive on in return.  Who doesn’t love fun mail? A couple of […]

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