January 2017 Postcard Swap

I decided to move the Postcard swap over to Elfster for the time being. I was having some glitchy issues with Google Forms. We used it a few years ago but left for reasons I can’t remember. But now that I’m back I kind of like it. There is a way to communicate with everyone in the group, questions can be asked and answered group-wise. There is also a place to share photos of the postcards people receive, which might be fun. So anyway, if you are interested in signing up, go over there and fill out the form! We would love to have you! And please invite your friends! The more the merrier!

If you are wondering what this is, we are a group of photographers who exchanges postcard prints of our original photography. We are film and digital photographers. The only real rule is that the photo must be your original work.

This past month I got some goodies from John Meadows (left), Peter DeGraff (middle), and Inge Van Leipsig(right)! Do check out their amazing photos! (by clicking on their names).


December Postcard Swap

There is only two more days to sign up for the December post card exchange! The last postcard exchange of 2016.

This month I received a post card from my friend Gretchen. She is one of my fellow #PinholeMayhem crew. We’ve had lots of fun shooting together over the past couple of years. She is an amazing photographer. Please visit her website to see more!

The postcard that she sent me is one that was chosen by the BBC for an article about pinhole photography. It’s beautiful and I’m going to frame it.

If you are interested in getting awesome art in the mail, sign up below! Visit the Postcard Swap page for more details.