Conservatives claimed that liberals want Schiavo dead


Conservatives claimed that liberals “want” Schi … [Media Matters for America]

In discussing the Terri Schiavo case, several prominent media conservatives have accused liberals of wanting Schiavo to die and have imputed motives to them far beyond the belief, expressed by many liberals, that the courts were right to allow Schiavo’s husband to make end-of-life decisions on behalf of his wife.

Syndicated radio host Rush Limbaugh suggested that liberals “want this woman to die because Christian conservatives want her to live,” calling it “payback.” MSNBC host Joe Scarborough mused aloud about whether liberals “hate George Bush so much that they are cheering for Terri’s death only because the president of the United States and his brother are fighting for Terri’s life.” Wall Street Journal contributing editor Peggy Noonan claimed that the “pull-the-tube people” — she specifically named CNN Crossfire host James Carville and the website Democratic Underground — are “committed” to Schiavo’s death. Fox News host Bill O’Reilly singled out New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd and Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen, stating, “I don’t know why some of these left-wing columnists want her to die.”

Etc., Etc.

I want Schiavo to die. But not because I want “payback’ or because I “hate the right-wing”. That’s stupid. It’s more than stupid. It’s retarded. I want her to die because I want her suffering to be over. Or maybe she isn’t suffering now, I don’t know, I’m not a doctor. I guess I think it’s her time to go. But to be perfectly honest, I agree with Annatopia . It’s really none of our business. And the thing that pisses me off about this situation is that, somehow, it has become our business. This should be a private, family matter.

The right-wing pundits think too highly of themselves. I’ve heard Micheal Savage say similar things, that liberals actually want death (in his example it was the soilders dying in Iraq) so that we can prove our point to the right-wingnuts. In reality I care nothing for these people and thier opinion. However, I am forced to deal with it because we have these people running our country and our media right now. And I speak up because thier beliefs are detrimental to our society. But my reaction has nothing to do with my counter-argument. No, my reaction is more of a disgust of what continually comes out of their mouth.

4 thoughts on “Conservatives claimed that liberals want Schiavo dead

  1. I am a grade twelve student, and for the last year i have studied the Shiavo case in law, as well as have followed it on my own. I am absolutly furious at the treatment of Terri Shiavo. How can anyone say that they would like to see her dead? I have a family member who was in a car accident, suffering from severe brain damage and paralysis to her right side. Should we have just left her to die in the hospital because she was unable to speak or move? We spent months and years in therapy, and i am happy to say she has regained her speach, as well as her ability to walk and move. She has a limp still and her right side is still paralyzed but we were able to help her. Terri Shiavo should be given the right to live. She should be given the oppertunity for rehabilitation. Without food or water, Terri Shiavo is being totured and murdered, and for what? She has done no wrong, the ones who are wrong are the judges and those in the government who ceased to stop this inhumane treatment. It may take a person weeks to starve to death, and the problems that will occur in the body until the death are unfathomable. She is suffering more than most people will ever know. This treatment must come to an end!


  2. Mari, Teri Schiavo has no chance at a normal life. Neurologists have determined this, not me. I am not a doctor. I don’t know what you should have done in your personal case. Again, I am not a doctor. And it was your personal case. Your family, obviously, made the right decision. However, in Teri’s case, she did not want to be kept alive in this way. Teri is not being tortured and murdered. People have got to stop using that language to describe this. Teri doesn’t know what is going on around her, according to the neurologists who have been treating her. She doesn’t have a cerebral cortex.

    The fact of the matter, and I have said this over and over, is that this is not what Teri would have wanted. We all need to respect that. End of story. She did not want to be kept alive in this way. That’s the end of that. I guess I should not have stated that I want Teri to die. That’s kind of harsh. I guess what I think is important is what Teri would have wanted and that is NOT to be kept alive in this situation. Essentially, nothing else really matters. My opinion or your opinion about Teri’s “right to life” as you call it doesn’t matter. What matters is what Teri would have wanted.

    The issue here, really, is that our Neocon leaders have gotten involved in a private family matter. They have acted in a way that is unconstitutional. The court system is there for a reason. I began blogging about this because of THAT. That is the real issue. And it is frightening, indeed. Why there aren’t more people freaking out about THAT is utterly beyond me.


  3. I happen to be one of the people who agree that she should be kept alive, because of the parents’ willingness to care for her. She has been kept alive for this long, and has gone beyond her supposed wishes. If she is not aware of her surroundings (another disputable fact), then what would it hurt for her parents to step up to the plate? Michael can then back out, divorce, and have his own family.
    However, I also strongly agree that this never should have been in the eyes of the public. What makes this story so different from the many that happen across the entire US? Only the media! Now that this is in public view, will we then pass laws to say that family cannot make the decisions to carry out what is best for our loved ones? We are on a path to where government will be making decisions about who gets what healthcare resources, the very issue that is tearing up Canada’s healthcare system!! “You’re having a heart attack? Take a number, and we’ll call you when the politicians decide you can use our facilities.” As a nursing student about to graduate next month, I don’t want to see our healthcare fall into the hands of medically incompetent fools who decide based on the majority vote. If I’m suffering from an infection or (God forbid) a life-threatening illness, I don’t want someone who never deals with the medical world to decide what my doctor should do.
    In short, if we want our life and death decisions to be decided by a vote, then by all means, LET’S WRITE CONGRESS AND SAY PLEASE TAKE MY RIGHTS AWAY!!!!


  4. Terri Shiavo died 15 years ago. Her selfish parents refuse to let her go to her maker. If they were so religious they would know that she is better off in the hereafter. They want to keep her in what ever form they can. How cruel. The formerly beautiful girl would be horrified if she was aware of how she is being displayed to the public.


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