Like a little Chili to go with that finger?

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LOCAL 8 :: KFMB Stations, San Diego, California

Investigators have acknowledged they’ve searched the home of the woman who said she found part of a finger in chili she bought at Wendy’s.

San Jose police say they carried out the seach of the Las Vegas home of Anna Ayala with the help of local authorities. Detectives aren’t saying what they were looking for.

I am filing this under “Locally Flavored.” Can you believe that? Weird things happen in San Jose. Thank God I don’t eat out in fast food restaurants anymore.

I was going to blog about this when it happened about a week ago but got caught up in the Teri Shiavo hallabaloo.

Dude. She found a FINGER in her chili. YUCK! Since they started reporting this on our local nightly news last week I’ve had that creepy-crawly feeling.

So now the Police are thinking that there might be more to the story. Duh. There was a finger in a bowl of chili, Wendi’s can’t locate anyone who works for them that has lost a finger, so of course the police want to know who’s finger it is. I heard on the news that they think it might be the woman’s aunt’s finger. But that’s all I know about it. It gets more and more grusome.

One thought on “Like a little Chili to go with that finger?

  1. That’s so gross. I heard that this whole finger/chili thing is affecting Wendy’s business in the Bay Area. I really hope that lady isn’t trying to get away with something. That just sucks.


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