Not surprised at all


Bush Urges ‘Timely’ Hearing; Democrats Promise Scrutiny – New York Times

“Sandra Day O’Connor broke barriers as the first woman on the Supreme Court, where she cast decisive votes to preserve and expand rights for women and to eliminate sex discrimination,” the NOW president, Kim Gandy said in the statement. “George Bush could have chosen a moderate conservative who would be a voice of reason on the Court. Instead he chose, characteristically, to pick a fight. We intend to give him one.”

I am so disappointed on so many levels. But not surprised.

At the very least, I am really bummed that he replaced the first woman on the Supreme Court with a man, and a man who, apparently does not believe in a women’s rights to make choices about her own body.

I don’t know. Today I feel exhausted about all of this. It just keeps getting worse and worse, doesn’t it? Damn.

One thought on “Not surprised at all

  1. Well don’t lose hope, believe it or not, this is a good thing. You’ve just got to take the long view of it. The Republicans have embraced an un-American hate ideology which they are refusing to let go of. The people don’t want Roe overturned, the polling data shows that they want exactly the opposite to happen. The Republicans are basically sealing the deal with this guy and each one of the corporate welfare and religious welfare programs. You can see it in the numbers, and not the useless poll numbers, in the dollars flowing into the Democrats verses the Republicans. Corporate America funds the Republicans without thinking now, just a continuous flow of corrupt money as a kick back for the trillions that the Republicans are giving away to them. But now we see the Democrats earning more money in donations from individual voters to the point that they are surpassing the Republicans corporate kickback machine. The American people have clued into the fact that the Republicans don’t represent their interests, if anything their every move is to undermine the American people. Sure it would have been nice if they had clued into that last year and we told them what kind of people the Republicans are, and they didn’t listen. And they will suffer heavily under the yoke of Republican oppression and hate mongering for their lack of observation. Americans tend to learn things to hard way, the last time the Republicans tried to destroy the country we had the Great Depression. People get stupid and forget history, it’s human nature. Some things are out of our hands. It may be the destiny that America falls by the wayside like the thousands of empires that came before us. But if we can get rid of the Republicans we have a chance to save it still. And that’s the important part, there is still a chance. Every court ruling and bad law that is passed can be rejected and remove with the stroke of a pen. Things are getting better, we just have to keep pushing against the hate mongers.


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