Swinging Bridge


I meant to post this picture yesterday but got too busy. It was taken at this place here in Spokane called Bowl and Pitcher. It’s a section of Riverside State Park. I have more pictures from our little hiking adventure at Flickr. This little area here is very pretty, but the hike itself wasn’t super spectacular. I miss my Redwood Forest!

Things here are coming together. Still trying to get unpacked but it’s getting there. Our little place is staring to look more homey. I love our little place! I feel like an adult now. I am so stoked to finally have a washer and dryer, and we have a kitchen table so we can actaully eat dinner at the table. Very cool.

In sad news, I found out that my good friend’s brother died suddenly last week. I’m so sad. I met him and he was such a nice person. I feel awful. I will have to call her today.

I finally got caught up with my Bloglines subscriptions! it took me several hours, though. Hopefully I will get back in my blogging groove soon.

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