Pow Wow


Every year the Spokane Indian Tribe has a Pow Wow in Riverfront Park. They are the only people allowed to camp in the park. I think I heard that they hold the Pow Wow here because the land is sacred.

So my mom and I went and it was so awesome! Watching the dancing was very powerful. The song they played during this dance brought tears to my eyes. I don’t know why, there was something about it that just really moved me.

There were booths set up and we bought some artwork and jewelry. I bought raf an arrow and he was stoked. They had lots of handmade tools for sale.

All in all, a lovely day.


4 thoughts on “Pow Wow

  1. How cool! We’d have Pow Wows at Cal State Long Beach. Every year my car/person would get wet with those darn rain dances! The weather would be perfect, but they’d always get it to rain!


  2. Moni.

    How did you get that great picture? I thought we were standing to far away. I had a great time yesterday. I have always wanted to go to a pow wow, and never had any one to go with. I am wearing my indian necklace today, lots of people have commented on it. I liked the Indian fry bread too. I will look for a recipe.


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