not quite my worst nightmare

Winter snowstorm on Highway 11, near Temagami,...

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Well, the thing that I was afraid of happened. My car has been totalled. It started really, really snowing at around 4:00 pm yesterday. Right as the evening commute started. So by the time Raf left to pick me up at 6:00 the driving conditions were really bad. We live on a steep hill, and getting down from that hill into town by all routes were trecherous. Raf actually was driving the way he was supposed to, very slowly, not slamming on the breaks. When he started to fishtail a little bit this idiot driver behind him rear-ended him because she was driving waay to close. So they got out to exchange information, and while they were out of the car talking another SUV, who was barrelling down the hill, slammed right into the driver’s side door. So the whole side of my car is totally fucked. But THANK GOD Raf wasn’t in the car! He would have been badly hurt or worse.

So in the meantime, I’m waiting for him to pick me up at work. He calls me up and tells me that the car has been totalled and I kind of started to freak out. I called my mom and she and my step-dad came to pick me up. I stupidly had my insurance cards at home so I needed to get home first to get them and then get to the accident so that Raf could have the insurance card.

They finally arrived and we started up the South Hill to get home. They couldn’t even make it up the hill. It was that slick. All of the cars trying to drive up it were just sliding back down. So we drove a side street for a couple of blocks to try a different street. Same thing. We just could not make it up the hill. It was maddening because Raf was just up at the top of the hill, and and so is my house. We were so close! So we had to drive all the way back to my mom’s house to get thier all-wheel-drive van. In the meantime, Raf is freezing his ass off at the scene of the accident, waiting for the tow truck.

While we were driving back and forth from my mom’s the tow truck finally came and picked up the car. Raf walked home and my mom and stepdad drove me home. The van made it around really good in the snow. We didn’t try to drive up the steep hill, though.

I didn’t get to see the damages to my car. And I didn’t see the people who hit it, either. It’s probably a good thing. I think it would have been too upsetting. And the people who hit my car should be glad I didn’t see them. I would have gone off on them. Even though the streets are really slick, you don’t follow people too close in this weather! I don’t care if you drive an SUV and you think you are safe in your big tank. You still drive carefully.

I’m just really, really glad Raf is okay. It could have been much worse. I mean, a car is just an inanimate thing and it is going to be fixed and everything will be okay in the end. It’s going to be a bitch for awhile with no car, but I don’t think I will be driving in this weather, car or not.

9 thoughts on “not quite my worst nightmare

  1. I’m sorry Monica! I’m almost to the point that I don’t think people should be allowed to drive cars on their own anymore. The worse the weather gets the more stupid they get. And even when your doing the right thing, there is nothing you can do about stupid people who refuse to do the right thing.


  2. I’m sorry Monica! I’m almost to the point that I don’t think people should be allowed to drive cars on their own anymore. The worse the weather gets the more stupid they get. And even when your doing the right thing, there is nothing you can do about stupid people who refuse to do the right thing.


  3. Yikes! At least Raf wasn’t hurt. People can’t drive in good weather…throw in a little snow and all hell breaks loose! I’m glad Jamison usually works from home with it snows because a lot of people don’t get that you have to slow down and be cautious when there is snow or ice on the road…they just drive like they normally would, which is horrible to start with.


  4. that really sucks! but like you said, he could have been hurt much worse if he had been in the car. i hate the way people w/ SUV’s think they are safe from getting into an accident because they have 4wheel drive! it’s poetic justice when they fly by and then you see them stuck later on down the road cause they slid off of it!


  5. Oh darn…just when you need a car for the holiday rush. But glad to hear no one was hurt. Snow and ice is hazardous…remember years back being on a ski trip on I-80 in the Sierras, and coming back in a blizzard, hitting some black ice, and slamming into a guard rail. My poor little car was a mess–we didn’t get it back from a repair shop in Truckee ’til May!
    Hang in there…Susan


  6. Hey Monica, I’ve been checking your blog periodically since you left just to see how you are doing and to look at all the beautiful pictures. I hadn’t checked in a while and this morning decided to see what was new. Sorry to hear about the accident. Glad to hear that Raf is okay. How awful not to be able to get to him when you know he is at the top of the hill–that does sound like a nightmare. Take Care–stay warm and safe.


  7. Moni, I’m glad Raf is okay, but I’m really sorry about your car. I was so fascinated about the impending snow and how you were writing about it…having not seen snow in 8 years and all. Now this. I’m really sorry about that for you guys. I hope the winter goes much better, and the knuckleheads that drive in snow learn to do it right. I lived in Chicago as I grew up, and it seemed that all the bad accidents happened in those first few snows, where people forget every rule of good driving and took more chances than they did when it was dry. Strange.

    Be well. And glad Raf wasn’t in the car when SUV-guy slammed into it.


  8. sorry about the accident and the car, Moni! I was in an accident where my car was totalled a few years ago, so I know how upsetting it is. But good for you for staying positive – cars can be replaced! It’s a blessing that no one was hurt 🙂


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