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It’s New Years Eve, December 31st, time to reflect on 2005.

As far as the state of the world and the nation, 2005 sucked. It really did. It started out with the horrifying Tsunamis in Asia. That pretty much set the tone for the year. Then there was the Terri Schiavo fiasco. It was truly terrifying, to me, that Congress got involved in what should have been a private matter between family members. It amplified my distrust of the Bush Administration and his neocon minions in Congress. I was utterly appalled when Bush virtually IGNORED the Hurricane Katrina Victims in September for FIVE DAYS. Five, freaking days. I still get pissed thinking about it. There are pictures of dead, bloated bodies floating around what used to be the beautiful American city of New Orleans right on my television. And it takes the Bush Admin FIVE DAYS to tour the site of the devastation. We should all STILL be outraged.

However, the last three months I have seen some hope, politically. The indictments of neocons such as DeLay and “Scooter Libby” have been a start. I will be really happy when I see Bush’s Brain go down in flames. And I don’t even feel bad saying it. The man deserves it.

I think part of what made me want to move back to Spokane, and back to my family, is the hopelessness that began to creep in November of 2004 (when Bush won the election). I just felt the need to be close to my family. Well, and the horrible economy played a huge role, as well. The cost of living in the Bay area just became too much for us so we really needed to move. The American Dream does not exist in the Bay Area anymore. At least for people who don’t want to work 100 hours a week. And then, what’s the point? Working that much doesn’t give you a chance to enjoy the things that are important in life. So we really had no choice, even though we loved living there and miss it very much.

I was very happy and very lucky to get the job I have now as a Youth Services Librarian at Spokane Public Library. That was definitely the best thing that happened to me this year. I finally have a job that I love and that I look forward to. I love working with children and sometimes I can’t believe I get paid for what I’m doing. I also really like being a public librarian. I feel like I have found my professional niche.

I also really love living close to my family. That has been a very good thing. I’ve been able to spend lots of time with my mom and I really have enjoyed it. I feel very secure knowing that my family is so close.

The city of Spokane has much to be desired. Living here for four months has reminded me why I moved away in the first place. I just hope that I can soon gain a little more city pride. I am really ready to settle in somewhere so I just need to figure out how to like this city. Maybe I will feel better this summer when I can get outside more. If you think about it, though, I moved here from Santa Cruz, CA. I think any city is going to suck compared to Santa Cruz. It’s hard to get used to the more conservative attitude in Spokane, for one thing. For example, when I go into this little natural food store down the street called Huckleberries I expect to be shopping among old and young hippie-types. Not the case. Instead, the people that shop there are uptight and rather snobby. Even the liberals here are not very liberal, by Santa Cruz standards. So it’s been really hard to get used to.

Well, enough of my bitching about 2005. I would say something like, “let’s hope 2006 is a better year,” but I’m not. I think I am going to just go with the flow. I’m not going to have any expectations. I think that I need to realize that this is where I’m at right now and I need to be happy with it.

I do have a few goals for next year, which I will post tomorrow.

Happy New Year! Have a safe one!



I have to say, this was a wonderful Christmas. The best part about it was being able to spend it with my family. I haven’t been up here for Christmas in 8 years, and I really have missed the holidays without them. I think just being able to spend Christmas with them was the best present of all. I know that sound cheesy, but it’s true.

Christmas with my family is a three day affair. My parents are divorced so I go over to my Dad’s for a celebration, this year it was on Friday night. On Christmas Eve we celebrate with my older brother since he spends Christmas day at his in-laws. And then on Christmas we celebrate at my mom’s house. I’m hoping that in the future I can take on the Christmas day celebration to give my mom a break, but I will need a bigger house for that.

Raf and I spent most of the day on Christmas just relaxing. I got up really early and filled up our stockings to suprise him when he woke up. Then I waited for him to get up so we could open our presents.
How to Stay Alive in the Woods: A Complete Guide to Food, Shelter and Self-Preservation AnywhereThe theme for Raf this year was “outdoors.” My dad gave him a sick backpack for overnight backpacking trips, my mom got him a little camp stove. And I got him the book, “How to stay alive in the woods.” I saw it and HAD to get it for him. It has a green, rubber cover and waterproof pages. So up his alley. He was reading some passages from it to me yesterday and we were just laughing. Did you know that if you happen to find yourself lost at sea the blood of a seagull is a good substitute for drinking water? The book is filled with all kinds of advice like that. so funny.

Hope everyone reading this is having a wonderful holiday season, whatever holiday you celebrate!

The house across the street


One of the Christmas memories I remember fondly from my youth was driving around the South Hill and looking at the elaborate lights on all of the beautiful houses. I’ve been dying to get out and look around this year, but haven’t had a car until this week. So tonight, after going to my brother’s house, I thought I would drive around and relive my youth. I started out on a street named “Christmas Tree Lane” since it was usually the most lighted, hence the name of the street. I was very surprised to see no lights! Well, there were a few lame attempts at decoration, but it was really nothing special at all. I drove around a few of the side streets and, really, it was all very unimpressive.

It turns out the house across the street from my very own, the house that would put the Griswald’s to shame, the lights that keep me awake at night and practically caused our block to lose electricity the day after Thanksgiving when they turned them on, is the most decorated house that I have seen on the South Hill this year. I only had to walk as far as my driveway, turns out.

This picture really doesn’t do it justice. It is quite a sight to behold.

FR10. “War on Christmas” edition

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It’s Friday! and you know what that means. Fire up the old mp3 player and see what comes your way. Today’s FR10 is dedicated to the so-called “War on Christmas.”

  1. Fire. Pointer Sisters. Billboard Hits, 1979.
    Billboard Top Hits: 1979
    I love this song! I think the last time I heard it I was a young, disco, Seventies child.
  2. Stereotype. The Specials. The 2 tone Collection.
    I think the only time I ever hear any songs from this album is when I do one of these Friday Random Tens
  3. Lithium. Nirvana. Nevermind.
    Good song. Good album.
  4. What Happens tommorrow. Duran Duran. Astronaut.
    Another album I don’t listen to. Song’s not half bad, though..
  5. Rapture, K-Klass remix. Blondie. The Platinum Collection.
    Platinum Collection
    Another song from my disco, Seventies childhood. But house mix-ified. I don’t like the remix at all. In fact, it sucks.
  6. Red Hill Mining Town. U2. The Joshua tree.
    The Joshua Tree
    This song is making me depressed….Reminds me too much of winter during my senior year in high school.
  7. Primary. The Cure. Starting at the sea.
    Staring at the Sea: The Singles
    I didn’t really get into The Cure until I left Spokane in 1989 and moved to New York. But I would have been a total Cure-head if Spokane wasn’t stuck ten years behind the times.
  8. One O’Clock Jump. Count Basie. Swing Back with Count Basie.
    You haven’t heard swing until you’ve heard Count Basie. I want to play piano like that.
  9. Mercy Mercy Me. Marvin Gaye. Marvin Gaye’s Greatest.
    Marvin Gaye - Greatest Hits [1976]
    “Things ain’t what they used to be”. Rather apt I’d say.
  10. Bad Day. Daniel Powler. Daniel Powler.
    Daniel Powter
    Hmm. I think this was one of those free iTunes downloads. I think this is the first time I’ve heard this song. Not bad. Not fantastic, but not bad.

Have a good day before Christmas Eve! Or should I say X-mas? Or, better yet, Happy Holidays!