Wow. this is turning out to be one hell of a month. I just found out this morning that my Mom and Stepdad’s van was stolen last night. It was hotwired or something. ugh! I hope that the police can find it for them. It sounds like it was some kids taking it for a joyride. The sucky part about all of this is that they moved to that house to get out of the “bad” neighboorhood. When I helped them move in last summer and talked to the previous owner he said that it was a super-safe neighboorhood. That they didn’t have so much as a bike stolen from their property. AND there is a cop that lives next door!

The horrible luck! Nothing like this ever happened when they were living on the “Bad” side of town.


2 thoughts on “The string of bad luck continues

  1. I think your right…My parents sure never had thier car stolen in the so-called “bad neighboorhood” They had things stolen out of thier cars, but not the whole car..


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