The Hunting of the President


The Hunting of the PresidentHave you seen this film, “The Hunting of the President?” I checked it out from the library yesterday and watched it last night. It’s a documentary (from 2003) that is based on the Joe Conason book of the same name. It’s about the Conservative’s attempt to discredit the Clinton presidency during the nineties. I remember when all of this was happening, and even believed some of the slander because I was conservative at the time. It’s funny, but when 9/11 happened I seemed to forget about all of it.

I was especially sickened to find out that Mrs. McDougall was coerced into testifying against Clinton, and when she refused to agree to Starr’s made up story she was thrown in prison – on the block with the women that killed their babies. She was made to wear the same clothing as these women and, thus, marked as a baby killer. Because of this she was severely abused by the other prisoners. I was also sickened to discover that the Clintons were found to have done NOTHING WRONG regarding the whole Whitewater investigation. Nothing. But the news didn’t report that because it wasn’t a sexy enough story for them.

I highly recommend watching the speech that Clinton gave after the premiere of the film (it’s in the special features section). The man is so smart. I watched his speech with total interest, thinking to myself, “this is the way a president is supposed to speak.” He had some really interesting and hopeful things to say about the state of our nation, and how what we are going through right now fits in with it’s history. Of course, this was filmed back in 2003 before the election, but I think it still applies. We really can’t lose hope now. Not when there is so much at stake.


5 thoughts on “The Hunting of the President

  1. I haven’t seen this yet, but I want to. I didn’t vote for Clinton the first time he ran, but I did the second time. I had thought of voting for Perot, but my father told me a vote for Perot was a vote for Clinton, so I just cut out the middle man and voted for Clinton much to his chagrin. That was the beginning of the end for me in terms of believing what a conservative had to say. It was a hard road, but that was the beginning of seeing how very badly I was raised in terms of what is right and what is wrong.


  2. I actually voted for Bush Senior and was so dissappointed that he lost! Thank God he did.

    I forgot to add to the post, Clinton was put through the wringer by the Right Wing, neo-con media, and he WAS STILL a better president than Bush. Even after going through all of this crap.


  3. I liked Bush Senior. I won’t say I agreed with everything he did or said, but compared to his son he is worlds above! I also grew to respect Clinton. He’s a very brilliant man. When I see him still active in the world community it makes me very happy. The world needs to see that not all American presidents are bad…it’s just the current one that is particularly inept!


  4. Buck Fush!! The speech was stupid and canned like we all knew it would be…Who cares anymore. The democrats fure in the suck don’t.
    The Nader Page is the place to be for “democrats and republicans alike” who want to be true to themselves.
    But as much as we all hate this president and/or anyone who does or doesn’t like him, its time to put our petty differences aside and ask the burning question….ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL!!!!

    Go SEAHAWKS!!! Its time to hate pittsburgh….


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