Carmel Mission Ranch

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Carmel Beach st Sunset

The last day were were down in San Jose, Sunday, Raf’s parents decided to take us to the the Carmel Mission Ranch for brunch. It was just beautiful. The bad news is that my batteries to my camera died mid-week so I wasn’t able to take any pictures. I wish I could have just to remember this place. The restaurant is located on this old ranch that was built in the mid 1880s as a dairy farm. Eventually it was turned into a resaurant/hotel. Although “hotel” is not the right word for it. The rooms are in the old ranch houses, really.

The Brunch was amazing. It was a champagne “Jazz” brunch. There were musicians playing in the tiny bar area. The food was delicious. The smoked salmon with dill cream sauce was my favorite! And the desserts….Let’s just say this, if you go, save room for dessert.

I was sitting so that I could eat and enjoy the view at the same time. There is a patio, but I prefer eating indoors. Inside there are windows that surround the entire room so you get the view no matter where you sit. And the view is totally unforgettable. You get to enjoy the carmel valley with the beautiful rolling hills and the Carmel River beach. Like I said, I wish I had taken pictures because I can’t even describe how incredible it is.

If you are ever in the Monterey area, I highly recommend this place. It is located right next to the Carmel Mission, which is also a cool thing to visit while you are down there.

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