Another big ass nest



I saw this nest moments after two gigantic condors flew out of the bushes near Raf and I while we were hiking at Mt. Spokane. Nearly scared us to death! but it was quite spectacular.

Still sick today. I thought I was getting better yesterdy afternoon but now it’s turned into a full-on snotty headcold and a chesty cough. ugh.

6 thoughts on “Another big ass nest

  1. Hey, get better. In the meantime, that is some kind of nest! Wow! I’ve seen condors from a distance at the Grand Canyon, and even in that big space it was spectacular. That is really something. And one more to add to your Life List. Cool.


  2. When you get better, you need to give me a post about the situation on the ground with the Cantwell campaign. What’s going on with her approval numbers? Do we need to get worried about this race?


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