Banned Books Week

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Slaughterhouse-FiveBanned Books week is coming up at the end of September! I just voted for my favorite Challenged or Banned book which is Slaughterhouse Five by Vonnegut. It was a hard call, though. There are many great works of literature that are being challenged all the time by people who don’t understand the meaning of Freedom to Read.

What’s your favorite banned book? Go vote here at ALA’s  Banned Books Week webpage.

Along these lines, I was helping a young man today find books similar to Harry Potter or the Chronicles of Narnia. I showed him two of my fave trilogies: His Dark Materials and The Bartemaeus Trilogy. (Both of them EXCLLENT btw). As I was explaining the Batemaeus story and plot I was totally getting vibed by a guy standing near us. The story revolves around a boy magician who conjurs up Bartimaeus, an infamous djinni Bartimaeus. I couldn’t think of the word, djinni so to discribe Bartimaeus I was using the work demon (which is kind of what he is in a very general way). Boy. Was I getting some dirty looks shot at me.

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