strange dream


The strangest thing happened to me last night when I was dreaming. It’s actually quite creepy.

I had a scary dream last night. I can’t remember the plot of it, if there was one. The significant part was that there were these ghosts that were hanging around me and my co-workers that I couldn’t see but one of my co-workers could see. For some reason, in my dream, we were calling them homeless. I don’t  know why. But really, they were ghosts.

So the scary part happened when my co-worker looked at me and said, “Monica there’s one grabbing your hand!” As soon has he said this I could feel it and then I saw the hand grabbing mine. The flesh on the hand was rotting and dead-looking. This made me start screaming in my dream, which in turn, made me scream out loud. Raf woke up and started waking me up, realizing I was having a bad dream. As I was waking up I opened my eyes and saw hovering above my bed, above raf and I, one of the demon-things from my dream. It was holding on to both of our hands and as I stared at it it looked into my eyes. As I kept waking up it just kind of dissolved into thin air.

Raf asked me what the dream was about and I didn’t want to tell him last night because I didn’t want to freak him out. I ended up telling him about it this morning and he told me that he had the same experience with a similar creature hovering over our bed as he was waking up from a bad dream. His creature looked more mummifed. The skin was intact and preserved. Mine looked like the skin was rotting off of the body and you could see its bones.

It was very scary.

8 thoughts on “strange dream

  1. Wow…I had a dream in a new house when I was about 7 or 8 that I still remember (or at least the feeling of it). Night terror. Scary to get a dream like that as an adult. Wow. Hope it’s all good…let’s go with that.


  2. scary stuff! this may sound crazy, but you may want to think about getting the house blessed.

    we have a ghost that resides at our house too, but luckily it’s a colonial girl of about 13 – nothing scary about that. i’ve never seen her, but she likes to open up cabnet doors!


  3. I have heard that sprinkling the house with an herb, I think it is basil, makes the spirits go away. I have lived in a couple of houses that I sware had ghosts. But never scary ones, I never experienced them but our son Patrick did when he was growing up. Since your house is newer, i wonder what was there before it was built. Hmmm, this is interesting. I hate nightmares and that was really a scary one. I will check on the herb. I have an herb book at home that should tell me what all herbs were used for in the past, besides cooking with them.


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