Thirty days


The end of November came and went and I didn’t post anything on how I managed to post something on my blog 30 days in a row. But check it out! I did it! W00t!

And it appears I’m on a roll now. Three days into December and I’m still posting.

I have to say, it was a great experience. It was like therapy. Writing as a way to figure out the world I live in. And I like sharing that world with others.

I was going to write some thoughts on moving my knitting content over to this blog. I need to find the right words, though. I may or may not write my thoughts on that in a later post.

4 thoughts on “Thirty days

  1. Ok, I’m slow. Was checking in to see how Ene was going and found out about your shift some 30 posts later (way to go on that challenge). I agree about the pooling – the Alchemey looks much better. Still, I’ve got a yarn picked out for Ene, so part of me was hoping you still loved it so I could follow your progress (self-centered knitter that I am).


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