Cabled Gaiter


Another Christmas present done! Yay!
Pattern: The Rib and Cable Gaiter on page 37 of the book One Skein.
Yarn: Some that I had in my stash. It’s some leftover Cascade Eco Wool. A fraction of a hank.
Needles: Size 6 16″ circular bamboo by Clover.
Started: November 20 something.
Finished: December 9

First of all, I have to say that Cascade Eco Wool kicks ass. I mean, that is some serious yardage right there. I bought the hank a couple of years ago to make a scarf for my husband’s grandfather. So I made a whole scarf + this gaiter out of it. AND I think I will have enough of this left over to make my dad some matching Convertable Mittens. And I think I only paid, like, $13.00 for the one hank. Not a bad deal.

So after I am done with the mittens (which I started today) I will be done with my Christmas knitting. I am kind of proud of myself this year. I escaped the out-of-control consumerism that is Christmas. All of my gifts to everyone this year are handmade. Whether they will like them is a whole other story.

2 thoughts on “Cabled Gaiter

  1. At least you get a lot for your $13.

    I would love to make stuff for loved ones, but I’m a selfish knitter and I’m constantly afraid that they won’t like it. I hate feeling like I used my time making something that won’t be appreciated.


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