The neocons are worried about Gore’s electricity bill? ugh.

Al Gore on Global Warming

Image by alexdecarvalho via Flickr

I have been pulling my hair out the past few days at the latest in the Neocon’s dispicable antics. That is, to call Al Gore a hypocrite because his electricity bill is high. There are so many things wrong with this attack. So many things. First of all, it’s so obviously an attempt to swift-boat Gore. And it’s laughable. And I, personally, am really sick and tired of the Rovian attacks the right wing employs. Sick and tired of it. Secondly, Global Warming is there no matter what. It doesn’t matter how big anyone’s electricity bill is. Al Gore’s electricty bill has nothing to do with the larger issue of Global Warming. NOTHING. And everyone needs to do something to minimize the effects of it. Pandagon explains it quite succinctly:

Gore should probably do more personally if his bills are indeed that high, but on the whole, it’s hardly relevant compared to the huge amount of work that he’s done advocating for a collective response. Calling Ted Haggard a hypocrite dramatically undermines his message, because his belief that being gay is wrong is based strictly on religious faith. Calling Al Gore a hypocrite and deciding this excuses your SUV-driving doesn’t change the facts; the planet will still fry even as your conscience is clear because you called Gore a hypocrite. Even if Al Gore were the highest carbon emitter on the planet, this would not change the truth about global warming one bit.

That’s right. So shut off your damn lights when you leave a room. It will help you in the long run anyway.

The benefits of doing something to lower your environmental footprint far, far outweight the costs.

5 thoughts on “The neocons are worried about Gore’s electricity bill? ugh.

  1. You’ve got to feel sorry for the Republicans, they’ve got no serious candidate for President, they’ve lost the war because of their incompetence. It’s highly likely that the America people are going to make 2006 look like a good year for the Republicans compared to 2008. They are frustrated and afraid, this is all they’ve got left. And they are pretty horrified that we reacted so quickly. I mean you saw the spin this morning on my site, he claims he got the story from ABC News, but we were tracking the story through the Corporate Media, it didn’t reach ABC until almost 12 hours after he started his attack rant on my site. They have nothing but lies to live off of now. Everything from the ground up is a lie. They don’t even know what the truth is anymore. It was so pitiful, I didn’t even bring it up in my response to him.


  2. It’s really sad that they can’t have a realistic debate about anything. They just make things up, leave out facts and yell really loud. What’s even more sad is that there are some people out there that actually fall for the nonsense. It’s really quite heart breaking.


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