Tubbs Hill

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We went for a little hike around Tubbs Hill in Coeur d’Alene yesterday. It was nice. It was good to see water. The weather was beautiful, too. It was up to 60 degrees yesterday! Yay! Spring is here!

I’ve decided that I don’t mind the gray and the clouds and rain. I don’t think I even mind the cold all that much. It’s the snow, more specifically, the ice that I can’t stand. The problem with snow and ice is that I can’t go out and go for a simple walk and so I feel trapped inside my house. When it’s gray outside and there is no ice I can at the very least go for a walk.

If you would like to see more pictures from Tubbs Hill you can check them out at my Flickr page.

2 thoughts on “Tubbs Hill

  1. Happy 39th year to u, Moni. Walked that path a few times, always a good mood thing to do. ALMOST like walking along a little ocean cliff…


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