Google Themes


About a week (or so) ago I noticed that on my Google Hompage I could select a theme. Hmm. New feature. Thought I would try it out. It turns out it’s very cool and I’m totally obsessed with it. When you choose a theme you type in your zip code and the theme changes depending on either the weather conditions or the time of day. I chose the “tea house” theme and this is what it looks like right now, at 7:00 Pacific time:

How cute is that? Last night the little guy was asleep out on his porch and he had some oranges out on a plate. This morning he was still asleep but the oranges were gone! Apparently, hidden in some of the themes, there is an Easter Egg that happens exactly at 3:15 A.M. In the Tea House theme there are little creatures that come and take the oranges.

So cute.

I’m easily amused.

Read more about Google Themes here. And here.

Read more about the Easter Eggs here.

3 thoughts on “Google Themes

  1. I thought it was cool too. I choose the seasonal theme in FireFox. (Though I don’t know why it still has a snowman instead of spring! And I choose the beach theme in IE.


  2. The little critters are ghosts, actually!! You can tell because they have little triangles strapped to their foreheads, which means they’re dead. Apparently Our Protagonist leaves out the oranges to keep them happy during the spooky part of the night 🙂


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