Static from Crocs


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Thank goodness! I’m not crazy:

A Swedish hospital wants to ban its staff from wearing Crocs plastic clogs, saying they generate static electricity that can knock out medical equipment, a spokesman said.

Here’s the backstory: Last fall my Tevas (which I hadn’t even had FOR A YEAR) totally broke. I was seriously bummed out. I wore those things everywhere last summer and I really expected them to last me forever. Not wanting to by a replacement pair of Tevas (since the first pair didn’t last very long) I decided to buy a pair of Crocs. I didn’t think I would ever jump on that bandwagon, but in the end I am a joiner I guess. So I bought them and wore them last Fall. However, I kept getting shocked when I wore them. And it was a really painful, electricity shooting out of my fingers kind of shock (My hands freaking hurt right now just THINKING about it). It usually happened at the grocery story when I went to grab something off of the shelf. I would grab my can of beans and there would be an audible snap and I could see electricity and it would hurt like hell! and then I would say something like, “Fuck! Ouch!” Not good, being that I am a children’s librarian and I live in the same community in which I work. Yeah. I don’t need the little kids I read stories to seeing me jumping up and down cursing at the grocery store.

Needless to say I don’t wear them anymore at all. Which is too bad because they are really quite comfy. But to this day I still, in the back of my mind, am the tiniest bit afraid to touch the can of beans on the shelf for fear of getting shocked. And now I know I’m not crazy because they are having the same problem in Sweden.

Read the article here:

Crocs a fashion faux pas at Swedish hospital – Health Care –

6 thoughts on “Static from Crocs

  1. I heard about that on another website. The think is…I mostly see them on kids, so imagine the feeling those kids must be having. It probably is the equivalent of being shocked by lightening to their little bodies!


  2. Weird! Hey, if you’re looking for a new rugged summer sandal, check out Chacos. I bought a pair four years ago for my trip to India and I. Love. Them. for summer. They’re super comfy, great for travel to any sort of climate, especially warm and wet ones. Easy to slip off and on yet they stay on well when you’re walking.

    Commercial over.

    Oh yeah, and they machine wash really well, too. 🙂


  3. You people believe everything you read – I wear crocs almost all day every day – NEVER been shocked. They are ALL OVER EVERY HOSPITAL and DRS OFFICE EVERYWHERE. So now ONE hospital, not even in this country, has an incident and that ONE story is everywhere on the internet in 24 hours and now we’re already discussing how children are being harmed. Gimme a break! I’m sure by tomorrow I’ll have the email in my inbox “Forward to all your friends!! Wear crocs and die!! This is NOT a scam! Send to everyone on your email list”


  4. Croc fan/random troll:
    You need to chill. And did you actually even take the time to read the post? (Probably not. Which is kind of rude, if you ask me.) THIS HAPPENED TO ME. THAT IS THE WHOLE FREAKING POINT OF ME POSTING THIS. I don’t give a rats’ ass what your experience is. I’m sure the majority of people who wear Crocs don’t have this experience. Fine. I’m not wearing mine because I don’t want to get shocked when I go to the grocery store. IT HURTS!

    How dare you imply that I’m not telling the truth! Your a jerk! Go bother someone else you troll!


  5. My sister bought me a pair of CROCS last summer, I love them and wear them ALL of the time.

    I with you Moni.

    I CONSTANTLY GET SHOCKED when I am wearing my CROCS!!

    They generate alot of static electricity (or maybe I just have a magnetic personality…).

    I seriously think that I should not wear the CROCS when I put gas in my car from now on.


  6. I get shocked when I wear Crocs also. I wear them, but I will not wear them to stores because that’s where I get shocked the most. Bummer.


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