Okay. I’ve decided that I am going to take a picture a day and post it on my blog. Starting yesterday. I want to do this as a way to learn the art and craft of photography by practicing everyday.

Already I can tell it’s not an easy exercise. I was wondering all day “what the heck am I going to take a picture of!” There was almost a picture of one of my puppets in this space. I had to wait a bit for my hubby to pick me up so I utilized the time to take this picture. My rule is that I have to actually take a picture every day and post it. No posting pictures from two or three days ago. It has to be taken that day.

You may yet see that picture of the puppet. Or two.

One thought on “Closed

  1. I love the picture-a-day idea and have recently been contemplating it myself (nothing, at all, to do with the new camera 😉 ). But I, too, worry that I’ll run out of steam in a hurry! So, I’m cheering you on over here 🙂


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