The night I injured my knee

Mosh pit.

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The Story of My Most Serious Injury.

I have a couple of stories I could tell. But I think I will tell you about the time I tore the meniscus of my right knee. It’s kind of a good story.

I was out on a first date with a guy who proved to be a horrible boyfriend. This date set off huge red flags. But did I listen? No. But that’s a different story for a different day.

We went to a show at this club in Palo Alto called The Edge (I can’t believe that place is STILL around). We went to a Ska show. I can’t even remember the band right now. There was slam dancing. My date had abandoned me and I was alone on the edge of the mosh-pit. I was bored and maybe a little drunk. Just intoxicated enough to get that “I’m invincible” feeling. You know that feeling. So I decided that I was going to slam dance. It was fun for the tiniest bit of time. But then some idiot decided to slam into me with his full force. The next thing I remember I was on the ground and a very nice guy helped me up and led me to some chairs. He stayed with me for awhile to make sure I was okay (what a nice guy!). He helped me to a bouncer who had first aide training. I think I may have been going into shock. I was in lots of pain. I couldn’t walk by myself. I was looking through a yellow filter and I could hear the lights. Apparently my knee had popped out of joint and I tore the meniscus tissue. I was in a club with loud music, cigarette smoke and a bunch of drunk people. And where was my date?!? Eventually he found me. I don’t remember if we went right home or not. I think we stayed for some more of the concert. I know he didn’t take very much pity on me. I remember the ride home from the show thinking that this was a test, and this guy failed it miserably. I told myself I would never see him again. This was the red flag to end all red flags. I was reading the signs loud and clear.

For reasons I don’t understand now, I ended up dating him for a few months. And it proved to be one of the worst relationships I ever was in. Big surprise, eh?

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