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The Golden Compass (film)

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The Vatican has officially declared The Golden Compass “Godless.”

That kind of makes me chuckle a little bit.

First of all, it astounds me that the Church is STILL banning books and movies. What is this, the middle ages?

Secondly, doesn’t this attitude from the Vatican kind of prove Pullman’s point? Hilarious, if you ask me.

I’ve said this a million times, but if you haven’t read the books, you should. they are absolutely fantastic. Read them as a Fantasy, because that is what they are. You may see the anti-god part and you may not. Regardless, they are great books.

We saw the movie on Sunday and it was good. Not as good as the book, but I wasn’t disappointed.

4 thoughts on “Godless

  1. The Vatican and the US Council of Bishops continue to piss me off with their getting involved with pop culture and politics. Why must they try to tell all Catholics how to think and vote?


  2. Happy New Year! Saw the movie yesterday, and look forward to reading Pullman’s 3 books which I bought as a 3 in 1 volume. Thought the movie didn’t refer overtly to religion–sheesh, it’s a fantasy. Religious people should lighten up. S.


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