We all get our 15 minutes


Me and Mom holding our art

Well, the article that I mentioned in this post made it today’s paper. The problem is that I can’t read it! It is published in the Spokane Valley section of the paper. I live on the South Hill. My mom didn’t get it either because she lives on the North Side. My boss, however, called me first thing this morning when I got to work, surprised to see an article (with a picture) written about me in the paper.

I just now did a quick search on Google and was able to access the article online! I hope you can get to it from that link. I was frustrated earlier because when I clicked on the link for the article It was going to charge me. It irritates me to no end that the Spokesman Review charges people to read TODAY’S NEWS. But that is a rant for another time. And slightly unwarranted because I am looking at the online article right now as I type this.

from the article:

The creative spirit resides in most of us, whatever the medium or final product might be.

On one level, Monica Smith is a storyteller, opening children’s imaginations through her job as a children’s librarian at the South Hill library. Her mother, Judy Doyle has also worked with children in Spokane Public Schools. Now retired, she focuses more of her time on painting while Smith snaps photos. Their creative spirits are alive and well.

Read more here.


3 thoughts on “We all get our 15 minutes

  1. It made me so proud to read the article! I thought it was well done…and don’t worry I have my copy and I picked up a couple extras for ya too…Nice


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