Current Event Wednesday: Snow Emergency!

Spokane Snowfall

Image by WSDOT via Flickr

The big news in my world is that we are getting a sh*tload of snow. Seriously. Is it ever going to end?

City of Spokane declares snow emergency
The City of Spokane has declared a “Condition Red” snow emergency, which means crews will be plowing snow 24 hours a day, seven days a week until all streets are cleared. There are 967 miles of streets in Spokane.

A snow emergency is in effect for the City of Spokane.

Right now, 26 plows, three sanders, and six de-icer trucks are out working. Crews are focusing on snow emergency routes and major arterials. Then, they’ll move to the secondary arterials, bus routes, and residential hills.

The city has not declared a snow emergency in two winters.

Sigh. I feel like Sisyphus with all of the shoveling. I shoveled last night and then we got a half a foot of snow this morning! So we shoveled the car out of the driveway and I carved a path on our front walk. I’ll probably have to do it again tomorrow. ugh.

5 inches

6 thoughts on “Current Event Wednesday: Snow Emergency!

  1. Yeah, that’s for sure. When do you get a snow day? I guess you could look at shoveling snow as really great exercise? Not that bright of a lining to your dark cloud, but it’s something!


  2. Yes, that’s A LOT of snow there! I can imagine the hazzle of digging your way through early in the morning but it makes great photos! Love it.


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