Crafty ummm…Tuesday?


Newsboy capOops! Sorry about that. I forgot to post yesterday. And Saturday. I guess I was just enjoying my 3 day weekend. Saturday just blew by me too, and I’m reading a really good book this week! sigh.

So this week I made the Newsboy cap from Stitch-n-Bitch nation! I’ve been wanting to make this for a long time but was kind of scared to make the brim. I decided to just do it. So I did. And, in two days, it was done. another great project that would be nice as a gift. I may have chosen mesh for the brim that is too thick. I’m kind of afraid that it will cut through the yarn. I hope it doesn’t. We’ll see.

This was taken on Saturday at the little “gallery” showing that my mom and I did at that trailer/coffee place. White cramped, it was actually quite fun! I sold two of my pieces right on the spot and one I am going to bring in a couple of weeks. So, yes, I’m stoked! I can’t believe people bought my stuff. I am just totally astounded. But it does boost the ego a little 🙂


And that’s that. See you soon!

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