I thought that for today’s 365 project photo, a self portrait was in order. I haven’t taken one in awhile so there.

So. Another year. A few more wrinkles. A few new gray hairs. But still feeling pretty young, despite getting hit by a car πŸ™‚

My big brother reminded me the other day that this is the last year of my thirties. I’ve been pondering this the past few days. And kind of tripping on it, too. A little tempted to get depressed by it. But not giving in to that temptation. I think about my thirties and all I have accomplished in this decade and I have to say I have no regrets. So far, my thirties have been the best years of my life. And they will continue to be. Until my forties, that is.

6 thoughts on “39

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! It is good to focus on all that you’ve done…moving up north, buying a house, staying in love and surviving!
    And I was going to add this to my post, but the girl on the cover of the Rowan magazine I posted about today totally reminded me of you! GORGEOUS! Happy birthday!!!!


  2. Happy birthday, dearie! That’s a gorgeous self-portrait. I hope your last year of your thirties is wonderful… so much more to look forward to!


  3. Moni: Happy Birthday! Belated 😦 – Sorry, it’s disaster central here as we are packing for the move to the new building next Mon. & Tues. Susan


  4. Beautiful self-portrait! I’m glad you’re feeling better about life. I might just go read one of my books on Buddhism tonight.

    Don’t worry about the 40’s, they’re not too stressful, at least for the first half. Give me a few more years to report on the second half. I swear I forget how old I am now … “Oh, 40 something” is really what I come up with until I do the math (42).

    I love your new purple sweater. I like their patterns, but hadn’t seen this one. Very comfy looking. Love the new lace too. I’m a sucker for that of course.

    I’m so sorry to hear about you getting hit by a car. I firmly believe in bi-annual mandatory driver’s testing for people over 65 and annual for over 75. There are too many accidents like yours and so many victims aren’t as lucky and strong as you. I used to live and work near a large retirement community and can’t tell you how often I came to a screeching stop to avoid a collision while an old person sailed by without a sideways glance. Anyway, I’m happy that you have recuperated so quickly.

    Finally, good call on not walking under that bridge. You’ll never know, but that’s firmly in the “better safe…” category.


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