Baby Surprise Jacket


I have to apologize for being so lame this week. I have a good excuse, though. I am on vacation and have been enjoying my garden. I’ve been working my butt off, planting, sowing, and mowing. It’s been great! So I may or may not be a bit lighter on the posting since Spring has finally arrived to the Inland Pacific Northwest.

This is the Baby Surprise Jacket, pattern from The Opinionated Knitter. This was super fun to make. Folding it up at the end really just adds the icing to the cake. For mine, I used some worsted hemp/wool yarn in my stash and followed the instructions as given. I think this will fit a 1 year old (but it’s hard to say since I have no 1 year olds to try it on.). My original plan was to do the whole thing in green but I quickly got bored of that and added some blue stripes. Then I decided to switch things up at the end and do blue as the dominant color with green stripes. Fun! I decided to do an i-cord bind-off (which I had never done before). I also did applied i-cord around the whole thing before seaming the shoulders. That really took up a lot of extra yarn, which was good since I’m stash-busting. The buttons I found in my Great-Grandmother’s button tin.

I’m already planning my next one! And, no, I’m not knitting this for any particular baby. This is really practice for an Adult Surprise Jacket down the line. I’ll keep it on hand as a gift.

Here’s the Ravelry page if you’re interested in the details.

2 thoughts on “Baby Surprise Jacket

  1. I said it on Ravelry and i’ll say it here: of the many EZ BSJs I have seen, this hands down my favorite. Stunning colors and striping. And what a great hand-me-down keepsake for generations to some lucky family. Well done!


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