Crafty Monday: I’m hooked!


The other day a nice lady came into the library wanting to come to my knitting program tomorrow. The only problem was that she wanted to learn how to crochet and I don’t know how. So my colleague, who does know how to crochet (but couldn’t make it to my program) offered to go to the stacks to find some books that she thought would be good beginner books that she could maybe check out and teach herself. She found one called “Kids Crochet” that had excellent pictures and diagrams, and great projects that were very easy. The thing that I particularly liked was that one lesson is taught, like Single Crochet, and then there are a couple of easy projects in which you learn Single Crochet. Then the next section introduces another technique and projects that reinforce that technique.

So anyway, the first project that I made was this Ribbed Scarf (picture on the left). I had some leftover Patons Merino from various projects and cast on about 190 stitches (I think). I love the vertical stripes! However, since this is a kids book, the scarf is a little too short for my taste. If I were to make another one I’d cast on more stitches.

The second thing that I made is the first project in the book, the Neck Cozy. This is basically a large swatch of Single Crochet made with super bulky yarn. I specifically used Rowan Big Wool. I got the button from my LYS and I love it. I will definitely use it this winter. For this I chained about 15 instead of the required 8. I ended up with 13 stitches at the end so I’m not sure what happened there but oh well.

I really had fun making these! They worked up very fast, which is a bonus. I’m working on some other easy projects in the book then I will tackle some of the projects in the Stitch-n-Bitch Crochet: Happy Hooker.

Happy Monday!

2 thoughts on “Crafty Monday: I’m hooked!

  1. Look at you! so multi-craftual 🙂

    I really tried to learn crochet – my LYS had a class and I signed up, but none of the other people in there even knew how to do a slip knot, so we spent a good portion of the class working on that instead! I should really try a book.


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