False Start


My week of knitting has had a false start. I cast on my second Water project for Project Spectrum, the Indigo Ripples skirt from IK Spring 2007. I worked on it for a couple of days and decided that I needed to start over. I can’t even recall why. Maybe I wanted to go down a needle size? So anyway, I started over. I got as far as you see in the picture and had a change of heart. I think I went through this last year when I wanted to make this same pattern. I cast on for the largest size and it kind of bugs me. I know shouldn’t let stuff like that bother me. I know. I am working on building up my self esteem and all that. However, I am also thinking logically, too. I am working on losing weight and getting healthy so I think I will put this project on the back burner. It is going to be a time investment and I hate to put that much work and time into something that is going to be too big. So I will let it simmer for awhile.

I decided to use my cone of Den-m-Knit on something else though. I will show you next week when I am further along.

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