Oh Hai!


I took this last weekend during a few hours of blue sky. It was taken at Fish Lake near the Cheney area.

Busy week! And still not feel super bloggy. It’s weird, I have this huge desire and drive to write lately but am totally procrastinating it. What am I avoiding? I need to just do it. There must be something inside that needs to come out.

It’s getting cold here. It was 25 degrees this morning. For two weeks the weather has been crappy. Cloudy and dark all day. I don’t like it. I need the sun. People around here have been getting very testy, too. I definitely think it’s the lack of sunlight. And the full moon.

I’m dreaming of California beaches. I’ve been scanning the Santa Cruz Flickr group and it makes me feel all warm and happy.

Oh! I almost forgot to mention! Today I am supposed to be getting a new iMac. According to the UPS website it is “out for delivery.” I CAN’T WAIT! It’s been years since I’ve owned a Mac. In fact, we still have the old Apple SE in the garage.

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