What’s going on

Cover of "The Elements of Style, Fourth E...
Cover of The Elements of Style, Fourth Edition

Did you hear about the Turkish broadcaster? Who addressed Obama in blackface? WTF! Clearly he has no concept of the history of race relations in the U.S. THAT was a BIG no no.

Amazon gets a BIG GIANT FAIL.  You can follow the mob at twitter search’s  #amazonfail search. The story got picked up by the mainstream media, including the Guardian. I have some thoughts on this that I may post about later this week. Here is an excellent blog post that sort of sums up some my concerns on this issue very eloquently.

This has nothing to do with the news, but my husband made image of the week at Photoshop User! I’m so proud of him 🙂 you can see some of his other pieces at his portfolio there.

This story broke my heart. I hate bullies.

Judith Krug, founder of Banned Books Week, died.

Interesting article in the Chronicle of Higher Education that debunks The Elements of Style.

What a friggen idiot. It’s embarrassing that he was voted into office.

Fricken teabaggers. Note the last definition in the list for teabagger at Urban Dictionary, added April 10th.  LMAO.


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