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Sherman Alexie at the Texas Book Festival, Aus...

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A Plane disappears over the Atlantic Ocean. How frightening!

I found this article fascinating. It ask, “what is a city trying to tell you?” I’ve often wondered that about the various cities I’ve lived in. I wonder that about Spokane all the time. I have definate feelings about living here but am not sure what the city, as a whole, is trying to say. It sounds crazy, but I do believe there is a collective “voice” happening.

Oh how I was jealous of all of the bloggers and twitter users who went to the Book Expo.

Speaking of that, I found this blog post interesting at Amazon’s Omnivoracious. The mentioned that Sherman Alexie‘s comment on a panel in which he described Amazon’s Kindle as elitist and that he wouldn’t allow his books to be digitized for it.

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