Why hello there! I’ve been kind of quiet this week. You might notice that I didn’t post a “what’s going on” on Wednesday. Frankly, I was kind of sick of the news this week. Yes Michael Jackson died. Yes, it was shocking for about the first 5 minutes. But did we really need all of the minute details?

This is exactly why I stopped watching television. The info-tainment news cycle. I just want the news. The facts. I don’t want to know who got what in someone’s will. I don’t want to know what Larry King or Bill O’Riley think about stuff. I don’t care.

Hope you all have a fantastic and safe 4th!

One thought on “Shadow

  1. That is such a cool picture!

    We don’t have cable anymore – we just watch what we want to on Netflix/DVDs. This week, I was especially thankful for that.


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