Making Kombucha Tea


Kombucha Tea Step1

One of my new co-workers is an herbalist, I found out during my first week. I asked him if he knew where I could buy Kombucha tea here and he said that he actually made it himself and he could bring me in the “mushroom” starter so that I could make my own. Yay! So he told me to get some tea prepared and he would bring me in a SCOBY.

So I did, as you can see. Last night I boiled a gallon of water with a cup of sugar. I had some green tea bags on hand so I used those and I bought some blueberry herbal tea to flavor it a little. I used about 5 green tea bags and 3 blueberry tea bags. I let them steep for a couple of hours and then let the tea cool to room temperature overnight.

When I came into work today the SCOBY was in the fridge waiting for me, along with some instructions on what to do.

Since I need blog fodder for the month I thought I’d share this process on the blog. So tonight I’ll take a picture of the SCOBY and will update tomorrow. This is so exciting! Homemade Kombucha for me!

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