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pretty little waterfallYesterday we decided to take our chances in the rain and go for a walk on a trail that goes along the Salmon River. It was gorgeous. There were a number of little waterfalls that we had to jump over, this one being the prettiest. We stopped here for a moment so Raf could take a picture of me wearing my finished Striped Scarf. Then we were on our way. We crossed a bunch of really cool little bridges, some of them slightly treacherous with wobbly slats. Then we found a few hike-in campgrounds right on the river. Someone had picked some wicked looking mushrooms and forgot to take them with them. We reached a bend in the trail and stopped for a moment to look at the scene. The sun had come out but there was a mist of fog in the colorful trees across the river. It was a gorgeous sight.

As we were driving back I looked up and the sun was hitting the top of one of the smaller peaks in the foothills of Mt. Hood. There was snow dusting the trees. I made Rafael stop so could take a picture.

There's snow up there!

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