Crafty Monday: Slouchy Hat


My Slouchy HatSo I finished my stripey scarf, the one I was working on last week (thank god). Here’s a picture of me wearing it. You can see where I messed up the pattern but was too lazy to rip back and fix it. If you are interested in the particulars you can find them on my Ravelry page. When I finished the scarf I picked up my ZickZack tunic and made a pretty good dent on the bottom ribbing of the front. But then this weekend I decided I needed a slouchy hat. So I rummaged through my stash and found a couple of hanks of pretty dk weight alpaca yarn. I looked around for a pattern and found the Instant Glamour pattern in Custom Knits. I cast on and was finished with it the next day. Yay! I love quick knits.

This hat was knitted flat, which was interesting for me. I usually knit hats in the round. So that was kind of fun. Obviously, I didn’t do the fair isle part of the pattern. I might make another one in the future with the fair isle pattern thrown on. The only complaint I have is that it isn’t slouchy enough. It certainly doesn’t look anything like the picture for this pattern. So I’m wondering what I did wrong. Maybe I just need to give it a good block? I’ll try that.

Regardless, I do like the hat. It goes well with my wool coat and it doesn’t mess up my bangs so I’ll wear it to work on cold mornings.

Here’s the Ravelry page if you want the details.

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