Ramona Falls

Travel and Other Adventures

Raf and I wanted to try a new hiking trail a couple of weekends ago. A co-worker told me about Ramona Falls and it sounded really cool, so we thought we’d try it out.

We were not disappointed! It was a super fun hike, with amazing views of the mountain.

It was a pretty easy hike, with a steady climb. Nothing too crazy steep. The book says that it’s 7 miles round trip but I think it was more like 8. I was pretty proud of myself for wanting to go the whole way. Normally I would see 8 miles and say “no way in hell.” But I’m feeling like I want to get into better shape so I can go on these great hikes around here and in order to get into shape I have to push myself.

We hiked along and we encountered this:

Aww! Little bits of snow! Isn’t that cool? I haven’t seen snow on the ground since last winter in Spokane! How fun!

We kept going and as we kept going we came upon more and more of the white stuff until it started looking more like this:

It was a really nice day, probably in the seventies. I was tempted not to bring my jacket because I didn’t feel I’d need it.  I’m really glad I did. Eventually the snow got quiet deep and it was pretty cold!

But finally we made it! The hike was totally worth it. Look at this gorgeous waterfall:

It’s like something out of a fairy tale! Of course, we had to hike back through all of that snow but I honestly didn’t mind. It was a fun adventure.

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