I went to Spokane last weekend to visit my family. My sister was visiting from Fairbanks with her two daughters, whom I haven’t seen in more than 10 years. I decided to hop a plane home to see them! We had a fabulous time! In fact, it was so fun that it deserves it’s own post. So I’ll talk about it later this week.

While I was there I wanted to meet up with my Spokane Flickr friends. I’ve missed them this past year and a half I’ve been in Oregon. So I organized a reunion of sorts via Facebook and Twitter. Jennifer, Michelle and I met up at the Spokane Club for a delightful lunch and quick tour and then met up with the guys of our motley crew. It was a blast! It’s so fun to get together with people who share my interest in photographing things. I think those of us who like this hobby have the same kind of mind. We think the same way, you know? So it’s easy to be around photog types. And fun, too.

We wandered around the beautiful, old, Spokane Club building. There was so much to see and photograph. I loved it when we took turns taking each other’s portrait in some great light. I loved it when we snapped a group shot in the Ladies room (the chandeliers in that place were epic!). Also epic? The freaking fireplace! Look at that thing! It’s huge!!

Also, there might have been a ghost or two wandering around.

We also wandered around Westside area of Downtown Spokane and snapped dozens of dozens of photos, had great conversation, and enjoyed each other’s company. We wandered into this great little shop that sold handspun yarn and antiques. There was a martial arts studio downstairs.  It was sort of surreal. There was all of this fiber lying around, along with a drum carder and spinning wheel. And I knew what all of it was for, which was kind of nerdy. It was mixed in with beautiful antiques and handmade items, scarves, hats, and shawls. As if that wasn’t eclectic enough, the sounds of yelling from downstairs made the whole scene kind of weird. in an interesting way. I was sure I’d have weird dreams as a result.

So. To sum up: photography fun had by all. Hoping for a reprise Bloomsday weekend. 

I am a ninja

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Raf made the interesting observation that my black Vibrams look like shoes that a ninja would wear. And he wears Lunas when he runs, which look like shoes that a gladiator would wear. So in our household it’s the Ninja Vs. the Gladiator.

I’ve been plauged by weird injuries these past few months. It started out with a pulled muscle in my thigh from something I did in storytime. Then I sprained my ankle (god knows how I did that). Then I slipped on a rocked and bruised my rib. That particular injury sucked. The most recent one is a bruised heel. Like I stepped on a rock too hard or something. I’ve been limping around all week.

But! I have been able to run on it. Since I don’t wear running shoes anymore and, therefore, no longer heel strike when I run, it doesn’t hurt at all while running. So that’s the good news.

On Tuesday, since I was finally feeling pretty good, I decided to try to run a little farther. I got to 5k and noticed that that’s when, for me, the endorphins kick in and I feel like I can go forever. So I decided to run until I got to 6k and then turn around. When I finally got home I found that I had run a little over 4 miles. That is the longest I have run in I can even remember! So I was stoked. This morning I mapped out a 4 mile run and did it again.

I also finally signed up for Bloomsday. It is the first Sunday in May which is coming up pretty quickly. I really, really want to run the whole thing so, barring any other weird injuries, I’m going to really try to ramp up my mileage in the next few weeks.

I will follow you into the dark

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Twice yesterday the song “I Will Follow You Into The Dark” came on randomly. once on my ipod and once on the radio. The first time it played, I had to change the song after two measures. The sequence of chords at the beginning of the song instantly make my eyes well up with tears. And then the lyrics start and they utterly and completely break my heart.

The second time I was in the car with Raf and I didn’t change the station. I listened to it underneath the conversation we were having. And, as expected, tears welled up. I said something to him about how this song makes me cry every-time I hear it and made fun of myself for crying over a silly song.

That this song was nosing it’s way into my head twice yesterday made me think that maybe I should listen to it all the way through. Maybe I just needed to deal with something. I decided to face whatever it was. So as I was sitting on my zafu, before my 15 minutes of meditation, I sat on my cusion with my headphones on and just listened to the song. I listened to those haunting chords and those heartbreaking lyrics and I bawled my eyes out. I let myself experience the full-on feelings of this grief that wanted to express itself. And felt better for having experienced it. My eyes are all puffy today though. I’m blaming it on allergies, from the trees that were blooming in Portland yesterday when I was there.



Last night I had a dream that I was driving down a coastal highway with someone I’ve never seen before in real life. We were driving a minivan, a Volkswagon bus or something like that. The wind was blowing really hard (as it had been for real yesterday evening) and we could feel it hit the van as we drove down the highway. Up ahead the ocean surged over the road and was flooding everything. There were cars floating. It was too late to stop and we drove right into disaster. Our van floated out to sea. I was very afraid and so was the person driving the vehicle. I think there may have been children in the car too. But, somehow, we floated back to shore and we were o.k. Scared to death, but o.k.

I couldn’t believe it when I woke up this morning and saw that there had been a tsunami in Japan. The footage of it is absolutely devastating. PLEASE consider donating to the Red Cross to help with relief over there. As you know, the news just keeps getting worse.

I am also very sad to see that, while not as horrible as Japan, our West Coast is getting battered too. Santa Cruz, a town very near to my heart, has had lots of damage as well. Not good.

Today is my 42nd birthday. It’s been a good day for me, personally. But also not so good with all of the troubling news in the world.

One of my favorite traditions the past few year has been my birthday limerick from the mister. For some reason a few years ago he woke up with the amazing talent of being able to come up with limericks in his head, so he writes me one on my birthday. It started with my 40th. When I was leaving for work he was working on it so I’ll post it here when he’s finished.

Finally, another silly tradition is to take a self portrait on my birthday. So here it is.