I am a ninja

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Raf made the interesting observation that my black Vibrams look like shoes that a ninja would wear. And he wears Lunas when he runs, which look like shoes that a gladiator would wear. So in our household it’s the Ninja Vs. the Gladiator.

I’ve been plauged by weird injuries these past few months. It started out with a pulled muscle in my thigh from something I did in storytime. Then I sprained my ankle (god knows how I did that). Then I slipped on a rocked and bruised my rib. That particular injury sucked. The most recent one is a bruised heel. Like I stepped on a rock too hard or something. I’ve been limping around all week.

But! I have been able to run on it. Since I don’t wear running shoes anymore and, therefore, no longer heel strike when I run, it doesn’t hurt at all while running. So that’s the good news.

On Tuesday, since I was finally feeling pretty good, I decided to try to run a little farther. I got to 5k and noticed that that’s when, for me, the endorphins kick in and I feel like I can go forever. So I decided to run until I got to 6k and then turn around. When I finally got home I found that I had run a little over 4 miles. That is the longest I have run in I can even remember! So I was stoked. This morning I mapped out a 4 mile run and did it again.

I also finally signed up for Bloomsday. It is the first Sunday in May which is coming up pretty quickly. I really, really want to run the whole thing so, barring any other weird injuries, I’m going to really try to ramp up my mileage in the next few weeks.

5 thoughts on “I am a ninja

  1. Well it sounds like the ninja is doing what ninjas do. Cloaked in the web of misdirection and misconception, moving quietly towards victory while their opponents are none the wiser. Of course, I’ve never experienced endorphins from any form of exercise, so I can’t be trusted.


  2. Congrats on your new long run! I just did the same thing a few weeks ago. I had built up to 5K and felt really good one night and decided to do “just one more mile”. I could have kept going! I felt like Forrest Gump! It’s such an accomplishment for both of us. I just did my first 5K run and signed up for a 10K in July. A running convert! Best of luck to your continued success!


  3. they are so weird looking! LOL I still can’t believe you run in these, though you are in fab shape so that should tell me something lol


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