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Bloomsday is this Sunday. I’m signed up for it and will be there. Will i run it? The whole thing? Probably not. I’m going to try my best but I won’t be able to run the entire race. This is such a disappointment. I was so excited with my running a month ago. The last time I was in Spokane I was up to 4.5 miles, the farthest I had run in a long time. I ran the Centennial Trail downtown in my Vibrams. I felt pretty good until I finished my run and I had to limp back to the car. The rest of the weekend I could barely put weight on my foot. I almost made a trip to urgent care.

After doing a bit of research I realized it was/is plantar fasciitis. So this past month I’ve been taking it easy. I haven’t really run in the past month. Not significantly. I’ve been running a mile here and there to see how it feels but it is still hurting when I run and I don’t want to aggravate it.

I relented and bought myself a pair of old-school running shoes last weekend. Saucony, my old stand-by. I’m not sure the Vibrams are for me. I’ve read elsewhere on the web that others have developed plantar fasciitis after running in Vibrams, so it’s not just me. I have abnormally high arches, so maybe this has something to do with it? I don’t know. But I do know that I’m back to running shoes. It’s disappointing. I wanted this minimalist shoe thing to work for me. I do enjoy the experience very much.

4 thoughts on “Hurdles

  1. I don’t know that I could ever run in those vibrums. I need shoes, the right shoes to feel secure and grounded. If I’m wearing the wrong shoes I feel it almost instnatly in my hips and knees and my balance is all wonky.

    Good luck with the run!


    1. Thanks Preita! I’m looking forward to it, running or no running. My time last time I did Bloomsday was really slow so they are starting me way in the back, anyway, with all of the walkers. Might as well just go with it.


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